Xi'an Tianrui Petroleum Machine Equipment Co. Ltd
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Equipment: drilling fluid mud gun
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
Unit Type: set
Place Of Origin: China
Price: the latest price
Valid Period:
Technical Parameters: NJQ50-3/NJQ80-3
Usage: Oil Drilling,Oil Rig,Horizontal Directional Drilling/Rig,Shield Engineering,Trenchless Engineering,etc
Main Features: 1.advanced techonology and years experience 2.good quality and resonable price 3.durable and stable
Description: drilling fluid mud gun is Xi''an Tianrui petroleum machinery equipment limited company specializing in the production of oil drilling fluid solids control equipment, different form many other solids control equipment. DN50 drilling fluid mud gun is my company independent design and production, make the solid control system perfect combination, the work coordination so that the whole solid control system into a unified whole.
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