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Equipment: drilling fluid mud cleaner
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
Unit Type: set
Place Of Origin: China
Price: the latest price
Valid Period:
Technical Parameters: TRPZJ703/TRZJ603
Usage: Oil Drilling,Oil Rig,Horizontal Directional Drilling/Rig,Shield Engineering,Trenchless Engineering,etc
Main Features: 1.used in advanced technology 2.easy operation and maintenance 3.high automation and efficiency,save energy 4.good quality
Description: TR Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solids control equipment which is the newest type to treat the drilling fluid. TR drilling mud cleaner are combined from desander. desilter and an Underflow shale shake, at the same time Mud cleaner has the higher cleaning function compared with separated desander and desilter. In addition to the reasonable design process, it equals another shale shake. TR mud cleaner structure is compact, it occupy small space and the function is powerful. Mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.
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